Bayou City Adventures


Greens Bayou

Photo by Grady Hicks

Canoe and kayak enthusiasts, both novices and seasoned veterans, will enjoy paddling the waters of Greens Bayou year-round. The very natural section of the bayou’s South Reach is the favored destination. From Greens Bayou Park or Thomas Bell Foster Park, both great spots for put in/take out, outdoor types can choose to paddle approximately four or 10 miles upstream. At the four-mile point lies an island that makes a fun (and welcome) picnic spot. You may even see the resident pair of bald eagles that nest just north of the Normandy street bridge.

The bayou is especially enchanting during the winter months as the bare trees reach towards the water’s surface. Throughout the year, birds and waterfowl, such as kingfishers, egrets and herons, can be spotted from the serenity of a canoe or kayak.

Under normal conditions, the bayou’s current is minimal and even beginners should be comfortable with a short excursion on the water.

The 6.5 acre Thomas Bell Foster Park at 12895 Greens Bayou Drive is owned by the Houston Parks Board and is being developed by Greens Bayou Corridor Coalition. Through the investment of donations and volunteer time a launch was constructed in the spring of 2013. Because the park is not yet owned by a public entity the gate is locked but the combination can be obtained by contacting Coalition staff. For those who don’t have their own gear and would like a guided tour of Greens Bayou contact Bayou City Adventures and ask about their weekend Greens Bayou Eagle Tour. (Source: www.GreensBayou.org)

Greens Bayou Eagle Trail Paddle Tour

The Greens Bayou Eagle Trail is great for all skill levels. The tour is on the beautiful Greens Bayou. Greens Bayou is a wide, deep water paddle trail with lots of lush greenery on both sides. You will see everything from elephant ears, wild grapes, even a GIANT BALD EAGLE'S NEST!!! The tour is roughly 2.5 hours and stretches just over 5 miles. Make sure you bring your camera as these are views few people get to see. Minimum Skill Level Recommended: Beginner